Did you know?
That the 2011 Golden Gavel Golf Classic and Charity Auction raised in excess of $250,000 net for Variety Manitoba! At the time, this had proven to be the largest amount of net dollars raised in a single day event in the history of Variety.

Your vehicle donation is the key to improving the lives of Manitoba’s children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do my funds go? Do my funds stay in Manitoba?

    With the exception of a small stipend paid to Variety International annually, all funds raised by Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba stays in Manitoba. These funds are used to support many of Variety’s ongoing initiatives on behalf of children of all abilities, including the Variety Children’s Dental Outreach Program, Variety’s Camp Brereton, the new Variety Heritage Adventure Park and many other projects. A current list of Variety’s projects and programs can be found at www.varietymanitoba.com
  • Do I get a tax receipt?

    Once your vehicle is sold at ADESA Winnipeg and Variety has received the funds, Variety will issue a charitable tax receipt for the sale price of the vehicle. You will receive your receipt in the mail.
  • What is ADESA Winnipeg? Why are they selling my vehicle?

    ADESA Winnipeg is an automotive auction that has been partnering with Variety for over 25 years. As an industry leader in vehicle remarketing, taking your vehicle, and selling it to those who will buy it at fair value is what ADESA does best. More information about ADESA can be found at http://adesa.ca/Winnipeg.
  • So, who does ADESA sell my vehicle to?

    ADESA’s buyer base consists of many of the largest franchise and independent automotive dealerships in the world. ADESA is able to sell vehicles to registered buyers anywhere across the globe via our online platform.
  • Many charities operate ‘Donate-a-Car’ type programs, why should I give my vehicle donation to Variety?

    Variety’s Bids for Kids Charity Auctions’ program was designed to maximize the funds raised by your vehicle’s donation in support of Manitoba’s children. When your vehicle is sold at ADESA Auctions, it is sold in a live, competitive bidding environment which maximizes the average return on your donation. This ensures that Variety receives a fair market value for your vehicle donation. The nominal fees collected to process vehicles by ADESA are based on the final auction sale price, which ensures that Variety will receive the maximum funds possible.

    In short, the Bids for Kids program keeps its costs to a minimum while simultaneously maximizing the return on your donation. Our goal is to be transparent and open with this process so that you know just how your donation helps Manitoba’s children.

  • Why have you started this program?

    Variety’s Bids for Kids program is the continuation of a partnership between Variety, the Children’s Charity of Manitoba and ADESA Auctions Winnipeg that goes back over 25 years. Variety Manitoba is ADESA Winnipeg’s charity of choice. To that end, since 1989, ADESA Winnipeg has raised in excess of $1 Million for Variety. ADESA Winnipeg approached Variety with the idea for Bids for Kids Charity Auctions program in 2011 with the hopes of using ADESA’s expertise in remarketing automobiles to benefit the charity. The goal of this program is to create a means by which ADESA can continue to support Variety for years to come by doing what they do best, auctioning off vehicles.
  • What can I Donate? I have an old boat or RV, can I donate these?

    Yes! ADESA Winnipeg can and will sell any motorized vehicle, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, campers and pretty much anything with a motor. It doesn’t even have to be running! In addition, trailers that can be pulled behind a motorized vehicle will also be accepted!